Vacancy and Reservations
Vacancy and Reservations

Breakfast Restaurant

Breakfast is a Japanese and Western buffet of about 30 to 35 dishes using ingredients from Hokkaido
We keep in mind that popular Japanese food is good for the body, and we order daily fish dishes and fresh eggs from Yubari.
Other than that, salted squid from Hokkaido and Matsumae-zuke are also popular.
The hotel's special soup curry made with stewed vegetables is also popular.
There is also a take-out service for coffee after meals for a moment in the morning in your room.

Fees and Content

Start your day with a good breakfast.
The breakfast venue is Restaurant Anella on the 1st floor.
We offer a menu of approximately 35 dishes, mainly Japanese and Western food.
We support the start of the day, such as a menu that uses ingredients from Hokkaido and plenty of salads.
Adults: 1,430 yen (Consumption tax included)
Children(under 12): 1,100 yen (Consumption tax included)
※preschool children free
Hotel 1F
Business hours
6:30AM to 10:00AM
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